Edge of SinsEdge of Sins is a Slovenian metal band, formed in 2012.
The band’s name indicates its signature posture that often challenges the ways of modern society which can easily be perceived as sinful.
The band's first album My Escape is presented as a concept album because the tracks are written with the purpose of telling a story. Listening to the songs, we learn the struggles of a man, who feels trapped inside his own life – He is wearing a Mask society made for him, but he knows we are born to die, he knows Living is Dying and he knows Time is always running out. The Dead Future haunts him but he is shown a way for his Soul to be Saved. He forges an Escape Plan and the Battle Begins. At the end of his journey, he becomes The Wolf Marching onto his own World of Sin.
His goal is to live on the Edge, but not to stray from the Path. Is it possible? How does he do it? Listen to the album and make sure!
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