EdenbeastEden Beast is a brutal death metal band with a personal groovy style. Born in Piedmont (Italy) in 2002, the band in the beginning used to play thrash-death metal and in May 2005, thanks to many line-up changes and a constant technical development, recorded its first promo influenced by brutal and death metal, called “Invocatio Mortis”. In May 2006, with their new drummer Fasa, the band has recorded its first mini-cd “Torturing The Odd Human Mind” , produced by Dead bang Records. In those years Eden Beast have played many live gigs, also in big live events with: Dismember, Impaled Nazarene, Infernal Poetry, Dark Lunacy, Handful Of Hate. Eden beast are: Sirio: voice, Fabio: guitar, Vitto: bass, Fasa: drums
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