Eastern FrontEastern Front was formed by Holocaust and Krieg at the end of 2006. With an interest in the Second World War, and its effect on Europe, they were interested in exploring the history, through music; and from a subjective, personal and emotional, point of view.
Eastern Front takes a new approach to Black Metal – which has been labeled “War Torn Black Metal”. Musically, they retain a traditional Black Metal sound but experiment with other genres, like Doom, folk, classical and rock, to create a range of different atmospheres in their songs. Each song evokes the emotional experiences of battle, encompassing hope, pride, comradeship, misery, sorrow and victory.
Within a few months of forming, Eastern Front recorded a demo CD, Promo 2007, to get other people’s opinions about the music. Due to the decision to ‘release’ the tracks and market the CD online, the first batch of CDs quickly sold out and the overall response was extremely positive.
This encouraged the band to start working on further material to create a live set and tour. In the meantime, the demo tracks, and the further release of the track Blood on Snow online, raised the band’s profile to the extent that they beat over 150 other bands to be voted The Metal Underground’s “Best Unsigned Metal Band 2007”.
Blood on Snow, the title track from the forthcoming debut album, was inspired by Gunter K. Koschorrek’s book “Blood Red Snow: The Memoirs of a German Soldier on the Eastern Front”. The song was recorded on Remembrance Sunday (11th November) 2007 and, along with its promotional video, has been responsible for generating considerable interest in Eastern Front. This has included featuring in Zero Tolerance Magazine, as well as current airplay on several radio stations including ICR FM and BBC Radio Essex. Most recently, the band has featured in TotalRock Radio’s play-list, and had a two hour feature on the station, which included interviews, airplay and a competition to win Eastern Front merchandise.
Eastern Front’s music is also to feature in the upcoming Vertigo Films (Waz, Outlaw, Dirty Sanchez: The Movie, Football Factory, It’s All Gone Pete Tong) production “Faintheart”. From over 300 bands of all musical genres, Faintheart’s director, Vito Rocco, short-listed Eastern Front and four other bands to face a public vote - which Eastern Front won. The film, due for general cinematic release in the UK in October 2008, will feature at this year’s Edinburgh Film Festival as the closing film. Blood on Snow will also feature on the soundtrack album, alongside songs by Katie Melua, Saxon, Human League and Tenpole Tudor, released through EMI Records.
Eastern Front continues to tour. Having played throughout the UK, they have recently played in London, at Camden Underworld’s Infernal Damnation Festival (Arcane Promotions) with Skyforger (Folter Records). They have upcoming dates in Colchester with Desecration (Corpo Records); and then will be embarking on a tour of Eastern Europe in September with Lord Belial (Regain Records). This tour will include dates in seven countries, including Romania, Greece and Turkey.
Eastern Front are currently writing more material for their debut album, Blood on Snow, due for release early in 2009.
Eastern Front are a non-political band nor do they promote any type of government/organisation.
Eastern Front lyrics are based on the history of war and it's battles and have been written in memory and to honour the fallen soliders of war from every nation.
"Through our music we hope that people from all nations will be reminded of their forefathers who lived in less fortunate times. If that opens up discussion, contemplation and further study into the history of war, we feel we have done our part to help honour the fallen, for they were in no position to question as readily as you or I"
-Eastern Front-
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