DroneAs music has been getting too quiet, too slow and far too kind for a while, we finally felt it was time to take the matter into our own hands.
Drone: fast, heavy, loud. closes the gap between modern and old school, between virtuosity and strong rhythms.
Our musical roots stretch back to bands like Testament, Machine Head or Pantera. But the Drones have been roaming a few other musical grounds as well, be it Rock or Death Metal, Jazz or Classics.
All this experience and all the band members own musical background, topped off with a whole lot of metal heart, add up to this special blend you get to hear with Drone.
Catchy and sophisticated arrangements - multi faceted but not getting lost in detail - vary with powerful jump-up-riffs. All this embedded in melodic heaviness - what more could you ask for?
The band has released their first promo cd Octane featuring 6 tracks in January 2006. The full length debut "Head-on Collision" was released by Armageddon Records in 2007.
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