Distant Few bands combine energy, intensity and extreme brutality the way that deathcore juggernauts Distant do. Even fewer bands are able to crush the listener in such an immersive, conceptual experience joined not only by thematic lyricism but a novel of written lore to accompany it. Distant, however, are one of those bands that are able to do both—and then some.
Hailing in one part from Rotterdam, The Netherlands and the other from Bratislava, Slovakia, Distant combines elements of hyper-dissonant downtempo deathcore, slamming brutal death metal, and beatdown to create a vicious world of heaviness.
Since their inception in 2014 the band has taken the heavy music world by storm, lashing out with their debut EP, Slither, in 2015, followed by their critically acclaimed breakout release, Tsukuyomi, in 2017. Over the next two years, the band would shift focus into a more diverse beast as heard on their Unique Leader Records debut full length, Tyrannotophia.
Driven by continuing their legacy of riveting-yet-ravenously aggressive music, Distant would dominate 2020 and 2021 with two EPs which would ultimately become chapters one and two of their three-part, hour-plus, crushing deathcore epic Aeons Of Oblivion—an adventure that expands infinitely upon the world of Tyrannotophia.
Aeons Of Oblivion would not enter into the world alone, however, as 2021’s novel “The Rise of Tyrannotophia” would be the first written plunge into Distant’s fictional universe, covering the lore behind both Tyrannotophia and Aeons Of Oblivion. Inspired by tales of the dark ages and the occult, Distant portrays themselves as “something more than just a brutal band, but a band with a story to tell and to leave behind”.
While Distant’s fictional universe of Tyrannotophia might be simple lore for now, it's only a matter of time before we’re all bound to be living in it.
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