DisparagedThe band started out back in 1999. A couple of years later (2002) DISPARAGED released their first CD-EP "Deathtrap" which spread its fire among the underground. The band had a bunch of great reviews/shows and so they became a local hero in short time.
...In august 2003 the first long-player was released."Overlust" was the next logical step for the band and connected directly where the debut ended. In the mean time the band was on the road and played lots of shows with all the biggest bands of the genre and definitely grew as a team.
...2006 the "Blood Source" entered the deathzone. Every song was unique and offered the whole bandwidth of the hardest of metal.
...With a new rhythm-machine (Deniz replaced Heinz on drums) and a f.....g great production DISPARAGED stroke back with "The Wrath of God". This ouvre eagerly awaited by both critics and fans showed its ugly face on the 22 of may 2009.
...And now the time has come to reach the climax. After 4 years of great shows and creative songwriting, with lots of blood and guts, DISPARAGED gave birth to their beloved bastard “ And Babylon fell”. No further words needed…just check this one out. Hell yeahh….
...2017, Heinz returns to the band
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