DisgorgeIn 1992 Bryan Ugartechea, Tony Freithoffer and Ricky Myers started what was to become one of California’s most brutal death grind bands. The same year they released their first demo, Cognitive Lust of Mutilation, before moving shortly afterwards to San Diego, California to establish themselves in the underground scene. During the move the band parted ways with bassist/vocalist Bryan Ugartechea. New members Matti Way (vocals) and Eric Flesy (bass) were taken on to fill Ugartechea’s dual role. The band wrote new material for their second demo 95 Demo, which was distributed worldwide and received great reviews. Disgorge played many shows throughout 1995 to broaden their fan base, and in 1996 recorded the first four tracks of Cranial Impalement which was not released at the time but was later distributed by Extremities Productions. In 1997 Tony Freithoffer and Eric Flesy left the band. Myers and Way began looking for new members, which weren’t found until late 1998. Diego Sanchez (guitar) and Ben Marlin (bass) of Strangulation, a local death metal band decided to join Disgorge then signing with Unique Leader Records, shortly after they released their full-length album, She Lay Gutted, in November 1999. Since the release of She Lay Gutted the band has toured worldwide in Europe, North America and South America. In 2001 Disgorge parts way with Matti Way, replacing Matti with A.J. Magana, ex-vocalist of Deprecated. Disgorge recorded their third album entitled Consume the Forsaken with Magana as the vocalist. Not too long after the recording A.J is unable to tour for family reasons. Disgorge needing a full time vocalist.to and record Disgorge recruits Levi Fuslier for their forth album Parallels of Infinite Torture in 2006. The album ways doing great and Disgorge was touring worldwide in support for the new album when they received shocking news that bassist Ben Marlin was diagnosed with cancer. In 2008 Ben Marlin passed away. Devastated, Disgorge puts the band on hold as they grieve the lost of there dear friend. in 2011 Disgorge decides it's time to get back to work and begin writing for there fifth album. Disgorge current line up is L-R Ricky Myers-Drums, Diego Soria-Bass, Angel Ochoa- Vocals, Ed Talorda-Guitars and Diego Sanchez-Guitars. Disgorge have always set out to release the most brutal music they can and this release will be no different.
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