Despised Icon Canadian deathcore pioneers DESPISED ICON are back to reveal their 6th full length album: »Purgatory.« Not a theological band by any means, »Purgatory« is meant to represent the mortal experience of being trapped in a suffering state and left to brood; stuck in notions of great loss and permanent scars that will ultimately define you. It is from these incidents that humans grow. “It’s about taking the right, and necessary steps to better yourself and fix the things that are going wrong,” explains vocalist Alex Erian. “Transitioning from a state of constant negativity into something more constructive or healthy. It’s not about achieving perfection, but finding a middle ground between those good and bad impulses.” Guitarist Eric Jarrin explains: “The definition of ‘purgatory’ is a place of challenges where you go through difficulties and try to overcome them... and on a band level, it’s where we were when we wrote these songs.” Not only do the themes of »Purgatory« reflect the personal and internal struggles of the band, but the struggles of modern day society as a whole, and the current lack of compassion amongst mankind. “Even if the odds seem against us now more than ever, I’m still on the side of hope,” Erian reflects.
As far as DESPISED ICON goes, fans can expect a bit more diversity and experimentation with »Purgatory« both musically and production wise. “This one was really an outlet for our creativity and at the same time there’s so much influence from what’s going on around us and what’s going on in the world. It translated into the music and that’s why it’s more extreme - the world is more extreme so the music is as well. There are more musical elements too, more guitar solos, more melody, there’s even a bass solo,” explains Jarrin.
Perhaps their most dynamic venture to date, DESPISED ICON have a fresh and energy filled arrangement just waiting to see the light of day in the form of »Purgatory.« For many years, they have laid the foundation of deathcore and spearheaded different sounds and movements within the genre. Their latest offering will not leave those so impressed by their recent return in any way disappointed.
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