Deez Nuts“Everyday I never stray from the path that I’ve chosen
never cared I’m the loose thread, in the tapestry this world has woven
Gravitate towards the ones, who share a like mind.
If that ain’t you stay out my lane ill stay out yours we’ll be fine.”

Everything about Deez Nuts and their frontman / founder, JJ Peters, can almost be simplified down to these four lines. It is tucked away towards the back of their new and third album ‘Bout It’, which is without any doubt the best record their now infamous career. And the track, “Live Your Life”, just reiterates the point that the haters seem to miss, but also that makes the true fan love them more with every fist pumping anthem they produce. The point is that Deez Nuts are gonna do things their way and they don’t give a fuck if you disagree.
The four piece finally has it’s most stable line up in years – JJ Peters is joined by fellow Australian Jon Green on bass, while Mat “Realbad” Rogers and Alex Salinger (both from New York City) play Guitar and Drums, respectively. The lineup has been together for the better part of two years after a slew of short and long stays by members from all over the world – all of whom are part of JJ’s crew of international like minded friends who have been down for the ride at one time or another.
The Deez Nuts back story is anything but secret for anyone in the know, but it’s a history lesson worth retelling now that we are seven years deep. In 2005, the highly influential metalcore band I Killed The Prom Queen had broken up, and it’s founding member JJ Peters decided to do something new to kill his time. He wrote and recording every instrument on a few tracks and filled it with tongue-in-cheek truth bombs about anything that crossed his mind. At the time, it was a fun one-off project for him to speak his mind and do something his friends would enjoy. But the catchy lyrics and big New York Hardcore riffs had an edge to them that no one expected, and lyrics about sex, brotherhood and drinking had people talking right away.
Not long after that, when Peters released the tracks as the ‘Rep Your Hood’ EP and featured himself on the cover drinking liquor amongst a host of tasteful women, the polarising Deez Nuts project really got it’s legs. Peters put together a makeshift band full of friends from other groups, and took the show on the road, and before long what was once a bit of fun became more like a shitload of fun – a full time, worldwide touring act that released anthems and united everyone. Different members came and went, playing this tour and that, while JJ pumped out two albums (2008′s ‘Stay True’ and 2010′s ‘This One’s For You’) between tours. Each album kept the same theme running – expanding on his lyrical thoughts, letting the music and words do the talking and making sure anyone who felt the same way as him had anthems to scream while they got through their lives.
The music has been pumped out, and the tours have been non-stop – hitting all over the world in small rooms and massive venues. From Europe to Asia to the USA and of course Australia, Deez Nuts has crammed into vans and played hundreds upon hundreds of shows with some of the best hardcore bands of all time. Friendships have grown all over the world and thousands of tattoos inspired by the band and it’s own subculture-within-a-subculture have been inked from Russia to California to Indonesia and everywhere in between.
Six years later, Deez Nuts in it’s current form is the same thing it always has been. It’s candid lyrics that say whatever they want. It’s fun shit and songs that are simple and catchy, but original in their unrelenting ability to catch your attention. It’s fist-pumping, free-thinking hardcore that embraces everything it cares to embrace. And it’s empowering to anyone who feels like they don’t want to walk the same walk with everyone else.
But this time around there IS a difference. It’s that ‘Bout It’ is the most amount of energy and time Deez Nuts has put in to making that classic record to make their mark with. The now full-time members have all added their talents, and producer Shane Frisby has taken the time to make sure the sound is as heavy as shit for the fans. Peters and his Band of Brothers have even enlisted help in the form of guest appearances from everyone from Architects to Madball to Suicide Silence to Hatebreed and many more.
From party songs like the already released singles “Band Of Brothers” and “Shot After Shot”, to anthems inspired by a life of living your own dreams in “Keep On” and the previously quoted “Live Your Life” and even some skits and public service announcements friends inside the now massive Deez Nuts family – all of it makes up an album that is set to go down as one of the coolest hardcore records of the modern era.
And in case you were wondering what they think if you disagree, here is some words directed to the haters.
“So kill the bitchin and listen, you cant you deny that we’re on fire.
If your rebuttal is muddled, its cause my IQ is higher.
Be lying if i said i gave fuck regardless,
for every 1 that hates 100 adore us, we are unfuckwithable!”

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