Debeli PrecjednikDEBELI PRECJEDNIK / FAT PREZIDENT formed in 1993 as a four piece. The band's first official release was 1996's self titled 7" on Dirty Old Town Records, followed by Rat (Her) Burnt His Record, a debut full length released through the same label. DEBELI PRECJEDNIK / FAT PREZIDENT then hit the road, and hailed through the Europe as a meteor shower outshining the moon. The release of the next EP titled Tribute To Zli Farmeri was a solid bridge that led the band to the sophomore album titled Fist From The East. Fist From The East was released in 2003 through Double Penetration Records.
DEBELI PRECJEDNIK / FAT PREZIDENT recorded the follow up titled Through The Eyes Of The Innocent in Kozmo Studios. This time they spent summer, fall and winter of 2005 recording their material and the result is bright, vivid and outstanding album equipped with finest beats, melodies and shadow-casting vocals.
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