Dead Shape FigureIt was back in 2003 when times were hard for four lads in the city of Helsinki. There were too much riffs not yet to be played, too much lyrics unwritten and too little sweat to be bled on the stages. That was the beginning of Dead Shape Figure. The first ideas of forming a real metal band and not some hollow-born-dead-piece of shit-act that has nothing to offer to the audience, nor to the players themselves were spoke aloud and that was the beginning of Dead Shape Figure.
Dead Shape Figure should and will be a combination of aggression, physic, thoughts, joy and taste of thrash. That's how the results can be achieved. Soon the founding members, Galzi, Neibu, Oxa and Juhani realized that also second guitarist were needed and after a while the band were contacted by Erska, whose talents and guitar has been available since 2005.
Aiming to undisputed and maniac outcome can be killing. That is why an original line-up saw its first change in december 2005 when there was need for drummer replacement. This need was fulfilled by a man called Mohkis, whose talents were well known among Dead Shape Figure and the enthusiasm he brought with him was releafing.
As things tend to change and sorry things happen no matter how hard you try, there was another drummer replacement yet to come in the beginning of 2007 just after the recordings of third self-financed release. Somehow blessed as the band seems to be, there were this half a man, half a machine-person called Raikku just around the corner, without an active band. DSF hired the guy first as a session drummer, but the longer he stayed and played, the more certain it became that this was the guy not only replacing an injured friend, but the guy that would take DSF to another level.
The band's measure is exactly like Nonaka & Takeuchi's pattern says: More than its members, beyond individual, but only existing through every one of its makers.
It's not about protesting, infesting or worshipping anything. It's more like handling topics and issues that might not be so obvious without giving a little thought. Even more it's all about releasing, or receiving that extra energy of any kind.
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