Dark SphereDark Sphere is a Symphonic Black Metal band from the Prekmurje region in Slovenia. The music is a mixture of Black, Dark, Symphonic, Melodic and Gothic Metal. The mission is to explore the mysteries of the almighty Universe and channel it into the music for you.
The first records is called Dark Sphere and was released back in 2008. The music is a raw mix of Melodic Black/Dark Metal. All music was written by Gothmog and the line up consisted of Jumbo on vocals, Kain on bass and Gothmog on guitar.
The second record is called Ophiuchus and was released in 2010. The record is amongst Dark Sphere fans considerd as the most popular one! The music is a mix of Melodic Black/Dark/Symphonic/Gothic Metal! The music was written by Gothmog and Zli. The Ophiuchus era consisted of the classic Dark Sphere line up which featured: Gothmog on vocals and guitar, Butcher on bass, Crow on Keyboards and Zli on drums!
The third and final record is called Masters of Manipulation and was released in 2015. After 5 years Gothmog decided that it was time to make a final Dark Sphere record and end the story on the only appropriate way! Gothmog had quite some old and new material which simply sounded Dark Sphere! So the final record is a mix of raw old school Black/Melodic/Dark Metal. On the record you can hear the song Bojevnikova Pesem, which is the only song Dark Sphere has ewer recorded in Slovenian language!
After long years of absence we have decided that it is finally time to come back, as we are not happy with the path that the world is heading into... We feel that we still have a strong statement to share and we can`t await to share our new music with you, that will soon be out!
If you are a supporter of Underground Metal Music, feel free to buy our records! You can buy Dark Sphere music at iTunes, Spotify, Amazon mp3, Beatport, Beatsmusic, Deezer... All you have to do is type Dark Sphere in the search window. Simply as that...
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