Dark EndThe embryo of Dark End born in the end of 2005 as an idea of Imajes (lead guitar).He wrote nine black symphonic metal songs, but they were like an incomplete picture without colours.
Only when Valentz (also drummer of the death metal band Hatred) joined the band the project really started. In 2006 Raziel joined the band as second guitarist. The three had to wait some months to find other indispensable members: Q'thulu (bass), passioned artist and Antartika, marvellous piano player and great composer.
After some live-acts where people gave a great answer, the band entered in studio to record the first album “Damned Woman And A Carcass” ispired by Baudelaire's poems from “Spleen” and “Le Fleur du mal”.
In february 2007 the first singer left the band and so the first album vocals were recorded by Valentz.The first release "Damned Woman And A Carcass" came out in july of 2007 for Necromantik record,receaving a lot of good reviews.
On April 2007 Animae joined the band as new singer.
In june the band signed for the french label Deadsun Record to re-release the first album with a new artwork and to spread it all over Europe. The new album "Assassine" out in february 2010 for CrashAndBurnRecords presents the new and definitive line up, Specter as new bass player and Ashes as new rhythm guitar player.
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