DaimonionIt all started 2003, when Martin Sever (guitar), Ribarič Miha (bass) and Tilen Habič (vocals) decided to create a band. They played without a drummer for approximately 5 months and then on February 8th 2004 they had their first rehearsal with their newest drummer Pavel Uršič. At the time they were playing by the name Don't Ask, but not for long, because they decided to change it into the Daimonion for its deeper meaning (daimonion was the voice within at the time of the Greek philosophy). At the beginning they played the works of Nirvana, RHCP ... and others. Soon they found themselves in metal and started to play and write their own songs. It's hard to define their type of music; one could only say that they are a metal band, who reached this level by listening and by the influence from the bands such as: Deftones, Soulfly, Metallica ... Trough their music they want to show how they feel and what they want. The lyrics are supported by heavy guitar riffs and brutal vocals.
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