CvingerThis Black metal crusade by the name of Civnger begun in winter of 2012. It was found by vocalist Lucerus, guitarist Bagot and drummer Kireg Maschine. Cvinger is an old Slovenian word with many meanings. One of them comes from Turkish Wars or Ottoman wars and was used for first defense wall around church later that word was used for wall witch separated cemetery for the those who committed suicide. Inspired by dark middle ages our journey takes us to our first release.
In Janeuary 2013 We entered Truga studio for the first time to summon our first demo / single by the name of: Abyss of horns. This release was first stone of our sound and atmosphere.
In Spring of 2013 We enter Truga studio for second time to record EP Monastery of Fallen. It was officially released on 16th July 2013. Later we filmed music video for title track.
After EP there was black dawn for Cvinger. Crusade stopped for eight months due to personal inner wars of higher power.
In spring of 2014 our legion expanded. Morgoth joined as new drummer and Lucerus started to focus only on vocals. For a short period of time the role of bass player took Skalph but he left the band due to leak of time and was replaced by Obscurum.
On 27th of June we had our first live ritual to present our EP Monastery of fallen. There was one more rite in Šoštanj. Witch was the last rite of: Monastery of fallen era.
On 23rd of September we entered Truga Stuidio again to record first full length album by the name of: The Enthronement ov Diabolical Souls. Later it was mixed and mastered by Sašo Gostinčar in GRS Production Studio. While the album was being mastered we record music video for on of the track from album by the name of : Summoning. Album was released on 1st of December 2014.
Curently we are preparing for our first mini tour and also our first rites abroad . The tour goes by the name of : The enthronement ov Diabolical East Erope 2014. It will take place on 15th to 20th of December. Also playing: Snogg + Local support.
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