Curse of Instinct Hailing from Maribor Slovenia, Curse Of Instinct brings you metalcore with heavy guitar riffs and smooth solos, including breakdowns, lots of hard fast rythms and machinegun double bas, with their own touch. Curse Of Instinct combine »the new wave of American heavy metal« and some old school HC, with metal passages, influenced by bands like In Flames, Iron Maiden, Caliban, Killswitchengage The band was formed in late 1999 by members from local HC-punk bands. In year 2000, band released their first demo tape with 7 songs for When the day come records. Six months later in 2001 they signed with one of biggest Austrian HC label Burnningseason records and released their first MCD »As the rain falls down« in 2002, which was accepted very good by critics and zines all over Europe and was marked as one of the most promising bands in scene. In 2003 they released a split 7.. with Dutch band Foreclosure, with songs from MCD. After releasing »As the rain falls down«, they hit the road and played as much as they could, over their home country Slovenia and Europe (Germany,Poland,Czech Republik, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Austria, Italy..), because that's what they like to do the most. More than 250 shows made them the best Slovenian HC stage act, leaving no one in the room standing still. Playing concerts with bands like Hatebreed, Caliban, Maroon, Undying, Bridges to solace, Newborn, Shattered realm, Shai hulud, Kafka, Deadlock, The Secret, Sunrise, Oil, Face the fact made them, as they describe themselves in best way, a concert band, that gives out 110% energy on their shows. After some changes in the lineup, they recorded a new material in summer 2004 for their second upcoming CD. Band reached new level in their evolution with their latest work, but that's far from the point they're headed to.
After the split up and years of silence, we are back!
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