CryptexCRYPTEX – the smiling madness!
A bit of Woodstock, flower power and gospel, a sound that is smiling, swearing and living, lots of surrealism, amazing songs and charisma.
Apart from ambition and confidence, both important characteristics for a band, CRYPTEX stands out due to another characteristic: They are progressive folk rock musicians who have searched and found their own distinctive style!
In their songs they experiment with an extensive “chemistry set” of music. The result is an impressive and highly explosive mixture of rock, alternative with slight folk attitude and prog-art of the old kind.
Thanks to these qualities, CRYPTEX has attracted the attention on the republic’s stages and of established music magazines since the beginning of 2009. The three musicians look back at a long list of concerts and successes which brought them an increasing number of fans and an enormous media presence all over Germany and large parts of Europe.
Everyone listening to a live concert of CRYPTEX is rewarded with a perfect mixture of brute guitar riffs, thunderous bass lines, groovy drums, epic sound walls, an incredible musical enthusiasm, Rock’n Roll, experimental elements, keyboard arrangements that make you dance, as well as an unconditional love and passion for music!
CRYPTEX stands for a guaranteed success for your event, and will leave a lasting impression on everyone!
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