Crisis Never EndsIt all started in 1997, when a bunch of five guys tried to express themselves through music, each of them with a different musical background containing punk, metal and of course hardcore. In the beginning the songs sounded like a rough mixture of all these influences. Crisis Never Ends startet putting metalriffs and beatdownparts into their music long time before the so called metal-hardcore-hype. This output can be heard on a six-song-demo which has been recorded in February 1997. After different changes in the line-up, the group is now one complete unity of what you call a band. Crisis Never Ends released one song called "times are a changing" on a local-area-sampler. After that they released a split 7" with Old-School-Hardcore-Legend Closeline on Platinum Recordings. Therefore they used the song "the rise and fall of hope". In may 2001 C. N. E. released their debut-MCD entitled "where hate found a place to grow" on Platinum Recordings. This record contains five pieces of furious and emotional metal-hardcore. In November 2002 C. N. E. recorded a 4-song-tape as a little "preview" to the upcoming full-length-CD on Burning Season Records. In February / March of 2003 the first full length CD of Crisis Never Ends "the human encounter with death and desire" was recorded at Maranis-Studios in Backnang (Stuttgart), All songs where recorded by Vagelis Maranis (Singer of Sanvoisen) and produced by Crisis Never Ends and Vagelis Maranis. The Cd was released through Burning Season Records. The nine songs are played with pure passion and an amazing tightness. To-the-bone-moshparts and furious metalriffs create a new style of sound, combining metal, emotional parts and last but not least good old hardcore influences. Crisis Never Ends played several shows with bands like Unearth, E-Town Concrete, Shai Hulud, Bane, Cataract, To Die For, Misfits, Schizma, Boy Sets Fire, Stigmata, Reach the sky, Himsa, Sidekick, Teamkiller, Hatebreed, Lowlife, Morethanever, As We Fight and also a two weeks tour across Europe in April 2003. Due to a change in the line up of the band, Crisis Never Ends spent the first weeks and months in 2004 rehearsing instead of playing shows. It was hard work to replace Martin as singer and frontman but we finally made it. Crisis Never Ends is back on the map with brand new songs and an amazingly energetic new singer, Heiko Blocher. He really adds his personal style in both the old and the new songs and is a big enrichment for the band. As the latest threat CNE has released a split CD with Berlins Final Prayer on Punchline-Productions in winter 2004. Be prepared for three pieces of honest mosh hardcore of Berlin's finest Final Prayer and three brutal songs of 711 battle metal from Crisis Never Ends. Crisis Never Ends played a two weeks tour across Europe in January 2005. Crisis Never Ends is going to play tons of shows in 2005 including another european tour in November and is going to record a new album in autumn 2005 coming out on Beniihana Records in early 2006. Be afraid!
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