CripperHanoverian whizz kids Cripper deliver Thrash-Metal with both classic old-school and modern influences, spiced up with some Swedish Death-Metal ingredients. Cripper stands for an individual groove-oriented mixture of ass-kicking moshparts and technical refinement – always hard-hitting.
Since 2005, the quintet around cow-elk Britta Görtz burns a swath of destruction through the European metal landscape, making marks as being a rousing live band, thrilling with dashing songs and sweaty shows.
Press and media feedback on all three releases so far (Killer Escort Service, 2006; Freak Inside, 2007; Devil Reveals, 2009) are euphoric.
From 2006 – 2010 Cripper plays over 130 shows, including many major festival shows such as Metalcamp ‘06 / ’07 / ‘08, Way Of Darkness ’08, Wacken Rocks Seaside & South ‘09, Queens Of Metal ’07, Rock Harz ‘09, Rockmania ’08, Winterbreath ‘08.
In October 2009, singer Britta Görtz takes part in the 1st international congress "Heavy Metal and Gender” at the "Hochschule für Musik und Tanz" in Cologne. Side by side with Doro Pesch, Angela Gossow and Sabina Classen, this event closes with a live show with Doro and Holy Moses.
Spring 2010 starts hot: Cripper supports Overkill on their Killfest-Tour and plays 19 shows across 9 European countries. Each show is a huge success and pushes the band around Britta Görtz, Christian Bröhenhorst, Jonathan Stenger, Dennis Weber and Bastian Helwig forward to gain a bit more of the world's ground.
In the beginning of 2011 it's time to check out the Caribbean to play the biggest floating metal festival ever: 70,000 Tons Of Metal. One thing is for sure: when Cripper is done, they are not the only ones sweating. On the cruise, Cripper are accompanied by a film crew for "24 Stunden Report" of the TV Channel Sat.1. The 45 min. show reaches thousands and introduces the band to a broad audience.
The festival season 2011 is traveled from north to south. Cripper play e.g. at the Bang Your Head, Summer Breeze, Rock Harz, Metalfest CH, Eisenwahn and many other German and European festivals.
Meanwhile, the band diligently works on the next album, which is to be released approx. in early 2012.
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