CorkscrewThe labour pains of the band Corkscrew date back to the beginning of the new yet dark millennium, but their music proves that these guys are far from being a bunch of infantile musicians. Though their music draws on modern trends which feed teenage crowds around the globe, under its veils are hidden many years' evolution of musicians, and the development of youth culture – its rises and falls, which are characteristic for the stuffy country in the foothills of the Alps.
Music trends always dictate a certain dose of conformity, while the industry operates through clones. Corkscrew skilfully and daringly cut through the mediocrity of monotonous noise, popularly known as "new metal" – they don't multiply what has been already heard, but stand out from the present guitar noise crossbred with urban babblers and imaginary hardcore. They prove that a trend can overcome itself, and that modern marketing approaches do not necessarily impair music expression.
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