ConvictMost European bands these days are ignited by noisy American metal with block rockin’ beats. Not Convict. They take it a bit further. Convict strives to combine rock ‘n roll melody with hardcore ingredients, not always an easy task. Yet Convict rise above the implausibility of it all, proving that they’re mature enough to get away with practically anything. To put simple: they’re a hard band to pin down.
Make sure you check out ‘Strength’! They’re loss is the world’s gain as their emo-loaded vocals will tear your heart apart. In their music, Convict have never fled hardcore nor let it confine them. Explosive drums and guitars that dare to trade clarity for distortion without losing any impact. Potent guitar riffs will have you hooked in no time!
You can clearly tell that they are neither embarrassed by melody nor in denial of rock as they will spit ‘feed the fire’ through your stereo. Yeah, these boys live and breathe punkrock. A unique blend of power and beauty!
Convict have been labelled a superb live band for quite some years now and they are the living prove that if you stick it out long enough you’ll have a shot at the gold. . They bring you a lot more than the basic quiet-loud dynamic So remember, despite what doctors in science labs may want you to believe; the strongest anti-biotics don’t have any impact on what these guys will do to you. Starting from today Convict’s new album Burn The Flags is in your blood!
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