Cold DewThe band was firstly formed on February 8th 2006 by Robert Zupancic and David Vidensek. At first the band's name was Endless War. They played death/thrash metal, but this wasn't what they really wanted. So after a big break they came up with a new name, Cold Dew and a new style, death/doom metal. After one year two new members, Vasja B. Sinko and Primoz Novak, joined the band. Vasja as a bass player and Primoz on vocals and the band began working on new material. In July 2007 Robert Zupancic and Primoz Novak decided to leave the band due to personal differences. The remaining members briefly joined forces with an Canadian outcast Jean-Sebastien Imbeau, with whom they soon parted ways. In February 2008 Boris Filipovic on guitars joined them briefly and the band recorded a demo, which can be heard on this page. In 2008 a influx of new mwmbers occured, Peter Frol on guitars, Tomaz Kogovsek on drums, Tamara Cerovic Erjavec and Maj Jamsek on vocals completed the lineup. Currently they are working on new material, hopefully to be presented to the public sometime in 2009. Stay tuned for the onslaught of DOOM!
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