ChaosstarChaosstar was formed in 2004. We're a classic metal band. 2 axes, a bass and a drum battery, complete with a psycho drummer. We don't play classic metal. Our music could be percieved as experimental or dubbed progressive. Music is more then a hobby for all of the band members. It's a way of life. We love making music and playing it. We can't stand modern mainstream crap, written by producers, trying to sell musicly untalented to you, using their boobs and pecks to do it. Our musical influences are diverse and that gives our music the depth. Despite our broad background, we like to do what we do best: metalurgy in every way. We do some hard shit. Heavy, speed and thrash metal (just to name a few) are the roots and the epicentre of the allmighty Chaosstar. It can be heard from our sound and the way we make music. We don't take the highway, we take less known paths and more colorful shortcuts; or we're just tripping, as a more traditional listener might say. We play, what we feel and love and not what the crowd wants. Yet we are delighted to say, that some crowds feel and love the music we play. Our creation of music could be describes as eveything goes, yet every little detail of the big picture is important and is there with a meaning. We disdain fillers. We miss good, consistant albums. We've had it with hit singles, packed up with musical lard. Moreover, we despise one hit wonders. We wish people would understand the deep crisis the industry has gotten itself into by selling image and not the music, which is the important factor in the long run. They want you to buy crap that will brainwash you and put you in the place they need you in. We give you the alternative although we're ugly as hell. Metal bands are supposed to be ugly.
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