Chang FfosFrom the beginning people involved with Chang Ffos as a unit wanted to wipe out fixed boundaries between extreme subgenres of hard rock music, bonding punk rock with metal and hard core, noise with psychedelia into a furious melting pot spiced with aroma of the retro-rock feel. The fourtet, now consisting of Nikola on drums, Alen on bass guitar, Sasha on guitar and Ivan on mic, had a first demo recording session in '98-'99, when the band started to experiment more, searching and developing a unique sound, wanting it to be as free as possible, on the behalf of impossibility (and unwilligness of the band itself) to be defined by a specific genre of music. With this attitude strings of gigs were being held with numerous bands, varying in styles and fashions of music. Second demo, which band earned as a prize on national bands competition in 2000., found band in more darker and atmospheric mood, which band preserved to this days. The third demo was a bit of a favour of the famous 'Kozmo Studio' who found band interesting and wanted to give us a chance to have a proper recording. That demo was recorded in 2001. That recording found band in more chaotic, more atomspheric and more experimental phase. In the summer of 2003. Damir (former drummer) left the band and was replaced by Nikola. These days the bands' focus is still strong on the atmosphere, mind-spinning chaos, energy and almost painful, crushing sound pressure level Chang Ffos is known for. Debut album titled 'Trust This Arcane Device' was recorded in 'Kozmo Studio' as well, this time by Jomi Ajjomi, and on nice big 2" tape machine. The mastering session was handled by Steve Austin in his 'Austin Enterprise' establishment. The album will see the light of day on April 4th 2006. thru Moonlee Records on CD, and Interstellar Records on vinyl. vinyl release date is to be determined...
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