Cerebral Incubation A seething, suppurating mass of slam death brutality born in the filth and desert heat of Las Vegas, Cerebral Incubation have been celebrating the gutter dwelling, blood drunk state of mankind since 2007!
Insane blast beats and riffs like an avalanche of concrete, all delivered with a primal lust for utter obliteration, have been the band’s trademark on lauded albums like the colossal debut albums “Asphyxiating on Excrement” and “Gonorrhea Nodule Mastication” followed by their third release “Bifurcation of Primordial Slamateurs*”, a collection of bestial outpourings clutched close to the shriveled hearts of slam scum the world over!
Now they’ve beaten everything up to the next level with their most intense, single minded and unflinchingly barbaric release yet.- the “Fermenting Cranial Inebriating Fluids” EP. The opening track “Euphoric Rapture by Decapodiformes” is an absolute onslaught that sets the standards for what is to follow. The title track features some inhuman guest vocals from Abominable Putridity’s Angel Ochoa and the music throughout respectively, demonstrates some shocking groove and complexity beneath the world-collapsing riffs. These songs will batter their way into your consciousness and take pride of place where your sanity used to reside.
No slam loving, cave dwelling, hairy carnivore son of a bitch can afford to miss Cerebral Incubation! This is the soundtrack to the party at the end of the world, the celebration of sickness that will play while we burn. Turn it up, lose your mind, and unleash your animal instincts.
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