Carry-AllCarry-All become a band long time ago (most of the members were at high school) as a melodic hardcore band but only in 2002, when horns join the band, they found the right feeling.
In summer 2002 the band goes in a recording studio for the first time and they record “Pet Friends” , their first E.P. Although the album has not been released by any record label, it solds more than 500 copies at their live shows. The record has been well reviewed from many Italian and European webzines and from the famous Italian magazine “Rock Sound”. The single “Pet Friends” appears in many punk/ska italian compilations.
In 2004 they join NoReason Booking (now Just A Live) and live shows around Italy begin to grow up, also because of the release of their second record “NoReason Split Vol. 1(2005). It’s a split cd with their booking mates Garretti, Killjoy and Out Of Date. Four songs which point out the artistic grow of the band and even a small change of style, now more heavy and stroppy. The record, produced by NoReason Booking, is released by five italian labels (Panc Records, Chumsley Records, Rolling Anarchy, San Martin e Growing Down).
In December 2004 the band plays at Jack Daniels tour with Africa Unite and The Hormonauts; the show is broadcasted by Rock TV, an italian famous alternative music tv.
Meanwhile Carry-All begin to play shows out of Italy; they play in Austria, Germany and Slovenia where they found a cool audience that enjoy the band and always appreciate their funny attitude on stage.
In July 2006 the band signs with Warner Brothers Cinema for three songs that appear in some famous TV series such as The OC, Smallville, Veronica Mars, ecc.
In 2007 they cover “With Or Without You” (by U2); the song appears in “Punk Remake Compilation”, a compilation of cover songs by Ammonia Records with bands like Vanilla Sky, Heideroosjes, BeerBong, ecc.
Europe again in January 2007, exactly Spain, together with BeerBong; a tour that hits France too. No doubts, live shows are definitely their point of strength.
In September 2008 the band’s first full-lenght “EMOTIVHATE”, is released in Italy by Wynona Records/Sin Records; in Germany, Austria and Switzerland by Rockhit Records.
In 2009 the record is released in Japan (an exclusive version which includes the videoclip of “You’re Everything” and some old stuff including two Rancid covers) by Fried Rice records / In-n-Out Records. In late 2009 they shoot the second videoclip of the record: “What a Feeling”.
In 2009/2010 they tour Europe a lot (especially Germany) in order to support the album at best.
In 2011 the drummer and the bass player quit the band after ten years. Definitely not good times for Carry-All, but the guys don’t give up and start to work on the new album called “Drink It Yourself”, recorded DIY in their practice room and totally self produced which is gonna be released on the 22nd of november 2012 by their own project / label “D.I.Y. ProudActions” in collaboration with one of the oldest and respected italian punk labels, Ammonia Records (Shandon, Vanilla Sky, BeerBong, The STP, etc.).
After more than 300 live shows all over Europe the final result is a younger and powerful mix of punk rock/hc/ska melodies.
PARTY is their lifestyle and they are ready to tour and to drink all over.
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