Čao Portorož Čao Portorož are Ivian Kan Mujezinović (bass, synth, vocals), Gregor Andolšek (guitar, bass, vocals), Anže Petrič (guitar) and Aljoša Cetinski (drums). United in 2009 for late-night jam sessions on Fridays, they first performed in local clubs, made a small Slovenian tour with Klubski Maraton by Radio Študent, went abroad and soon felt the need to release the material and show it to a wider audience. The songs of Čao Portorož can be considered a hommage to alternative rock of the 1990s and a tribute to the new wave formulas of the Yugoslavian “school”.
Their debut album Čao Portorož (2011) opens a vista of rough, racing guitar reefs, where melodic pop hooks puncture surrealist, fragmented lyrics, contributed by the instrumentalists themselves. Their latest album, tentatively named Čao Portorož yet again, was released in 2013. The album progresses the band’s aforementioned formula and adds some experience, some unique twists, additional catchines and higher sound standards, making it an instant hit.
The mischievous Ljubljana-based quartet presented their third full-length “POP” in January 2020. The band’s wild mix of rock & roll and sweet indie rock has been sprinkled with electronic sounds in the form of a pounding rhythm machine and contagious synth lines. Their veins are still filled with 90s alternative rock, though. Using typical multilingual shout outs, Čao Portorož create moments of euphoria. Through its punk attitude, the quartet reaffirms its old-school “Yugo” temperament. From Portorož down the Balkans and beyond – everybody understands what “čao” means.
They say that they are a rock insanity and that they won’t leave you indifferent.
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