CanterraOnce upon a time, on a day like any other day, it all began in Leipzig…
…when two people both burning for music found out that there was something magical. Something unseizable yet existing. You want to know what it’s called? We can’t tell you. All we know is that there was some kind of bubble around us, a shell in which, all of a sudden, beautiful harmonies were coming up and songwriting seemed to be the easiest Thing in the world.
Back then in 2006, Harry and Korinna started making music together and formed their first band called Oleum. But after a short time, that band fell apart and Harry and Korinna started anew putting together a group of musicians. Before very long, the new band was named Avatar and everything felt so right. Nevertheless, finding like-minded bandmates turned out to be a challenging thing. After a long search they managed to assemble a well-working team. However, this band fell apart soon. The Musical project seemed to be doomed…
So the struggle started all over again. The place is (still) Leipzig, the year is 2009. That was when Avatar was actually founded as Hannes, the 2nd guitarist, joined Korinna and Harry in the rainy autumn days of 2009. Finally, things were looking up! Drummer Karl and bassist Max completed the team. Eventually, this group of five went to record their first EP „Echoes of Fear“ in Leipzig’s Kick the Flame studios. In 2010, they played their first concerts and were ready to hit bigger stages. Amongst others, Avatar supported Lord of the Lost and shot their first, icy video clip for the song „Last Saviour“. At the end of the year, Max decided to leave the band. Gloomy intertime had come, but out of the dark, a shiny black thing appeared … the quiff of Tom who lit up the band’s life and became their new bassist. At the beginning of 2011, the band headed for a restart and decided to go on with a new name. Since WGT 2011, CANTERRA have been rocking the stages. Starting in spring 2012, Micha added his drumming skills to the team, leaving again at the end of 2013.
Despite lacking a drummer, Canterra determined to finally record and produce their first full-length album. So, in 2014 Canterra were busy preproducing the album and started a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for a professional studio-production. Eventually, the recordings started in 2015 after Canterra had found session-drummer Max for the drum recordings. As things worked very well within the ambitious quintette, Max became a permanent band member. The huge success of the crowdfunding and the support by Wacken Foundation were a crucial aid to Canterra’s recording and mixing process in the studio. During the final production time, the band played singular concerts, for example with Bellbreaker and Xandria.
The highly anticipated debut „First Escape“ was released on the 19th of february 2016. But there were much more things up to come! Cause in february Canterra went immediately on „First Escape“ release tour supporting Lacrimosa through germany and belgium. The feedback the band got during and after the tour was awesome and gave the self produced album a dream start.
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