Buried InsideBURIED INSIDE is a product of Ottawa, Canada - the axis upon which the Great White North and lethal doses of civil servants collide, and once a rich breeding ground for DIY mantra. From this, BURIED INSIDE was conceived to be thrown into the post–RORSCHACH well of bands in Eastern Ontario and Quebec in the mid– 90’s. After a couple of years and some scattered shows, money, geographic separation, and varying responsibilities sedated the project.
Sometime around the beginning of the millennium, BURIED INSIDE bore down, made a record and toured the backwoods of North America with bands like CREATION IS CRUCIFIXION and BREAK OF DAWN. Suspect Symmetry was released through Cyclop Media in 2001, and later released on LP in Europe through Germany’s React With Protest.
Chronoclast, their Relapse Records debut, was released in early 2005. Produced by Matt Bayles (ISIS, BOTCH, MASTODON), Chronoclast was an ambitious undertaking, written as a single 40-minute piece using a variety of instruments ranging from strings and brass to piano and organ.
After its release, BURIED INSIDE toured relentlessly through 2005/2006 with bands like HIGH ON FIRE, COLISEUM, EYEHATEGOD, BIG BUSINESS and UNSANE, topped off with a headlining tour of Europe.
Over the last couple of years, the band surfaced from hibernation only a handful of times as they meticulously crafted a suitable successor to Chronoclast.
Spoils of Failure throws all of BURIED INSIDE’s past offerings out the window. Recorded at Godcity by Kurt Ballou (CONVERGE, COLISEUM, DISFEAR) and mixed by Matt Bayles, Spoils of Failure is comprised of eight stunning tracks, layered with intensity and melody that rivals anything they’ve put forth to date, complete with their trademark extrospective lyrics and striking album art.
“We love bands that make us think... but on this superb album, the primal far supersedes the cerebral.” – DECIBEL
To a band with a hammer, everything looks like a nail.
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