Brutart Brutart's art brut approach to music started in 2000 when the band was conceived, reached its teenage years in astonishing three years, with the 2003 release: Arab Dream. Three years later, in 2006, first full length album, Mimic, was released, and then a long, scary silence. Breaking this unnerving 'hiatus', on 7th april in 2017, a second full length album titled 'Wear my skin' came to be. A step into more focused and dark direction was made. While most of the chores in band remain the same: Blaž Kelbl still growls and plays guitar, Erik Orson still plays the guitar, Sebastjan Mulej still tortures the drums and growls, the band got a new member. Roman Štupar who gently caresses the bass guitar. Future is still dark! Darker than ever…
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