Broken ArrowHistory of Broken Arrow reaches back to spring 2005 when four musicians Matjaž Predanič (bass guitar, keyboards, vocals), Jani Predanič (drums & percussion), Bor Marolt (guitars, backing vocals) and Rok Marolt (guitars, backing vocals) from Brežice decided to start a glam rock project and they began playing covers and writing their own songs as well. Due to their attractive and professional-like stage performance they received tremendous crowd response and decided to form a real band - and so Broken Arrow was born.
After a few gigs the guys decided that it was time for the first demo record and in January 2006 they started working on the 'Hit The Streets' demo which was, due to financial limitations, recorded at the band's headquarters using no professional recording equipment whatsoever. Band continued performing live and in winter/spring 2007 played on Lipstikk and Leathur conspiracy Slovenian tour together with Cyclone and Toxic Heart. In autumn 2007 the band went to Studio Podmornica in Samobor, Croatia and recorded a second - this time professional quality - demo record containing two songs.
In summer 2008 Matjaz Predanic decided that giving up playing bass would allow him to focus on singing more intently and so the guys started searching for a bass player. Soon they came up with a great bass player Rok Piltaver who accepted the invitation and in autumn the band performed their first gig with the extended lineup. Less than a month after that the band entered the studio again started working on an EP which is now finished and can be heard on the web.
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