Brandon Ashley & The SilverbugsBrandon Ashley’s artistic experience comes out from the need to create a self-expressing sound - sublimate by emotions inspired lyrics - intended to tell his personal vision of the world.
This sound is labelled “Glam Core” by themselves: a modern,revised rock n’ roll root with electro-gothic-dark influences. Decadent lyrics embellished by romantic hints, move toward cynicism and bare realism.
The Live Show is the best environment for BA&SB. Great attitude on stage, absorbing artistic strep-teasing moments, refined choreographies and a shocking set designing: they all capture the audience attention in a well shaped rock show.
In 2005 Brandon Ashley begins to compose what will be the first album. The entire creating process will take one year; a process supported by a formal research for new styles, which gives birth to a powerful, sensual music, beyond provocation. Lead by an orgiastic atmosphere, during live shows you’ll see theatrical performances: homage to Greek Tragedy and Dionysus myth.
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