Bonded By BloodDistinguishing themselves from Southern California’s extensive thrash roster, Bonded by Blood combine the raw aggression of punk and hardcore with speed, technical ability, attitude and good old-fashioned heavy metal. Formed in 2005, the teens set out with the task of finding a line-up to complete their vision. Despite clear musical differences, the band was united by their love for thrash and thus, Bonded by Blood was born.
Determined to perfect their material, the band set their focus on writing songs and performing countless shows. August 2007 saw the self-release of their Extinguish the Weak EP, which gained Earache Records' attention and led to their record deal.
January 2008 saw the recording of the blistering debut, Feed the Beast, at Love Juice Labs in Riverside, CA. Dubbed by Hails & Horns as “so thrash it hurts”, it was not long until the band were sharing stages with the likes of Exmortus and Gama Bomb on tours throughout the US and Europe.
Enlisting new bass player Jerry Garcia before the writing of second album Exiled to Earth proved no setback, as he was quick to complete the line-up and play an integral role in the developing evolution of the band’s second album. Produced by Ralph Patlan (Megadeth, UFO, Michael Schenker), Exiled to Earth was a sci-fi concept record based 600 years in the future and was released by critical acclaim proving the band was more than just a tongue-in-cheek thrash metal retro band. The album's success was followed up with a 10-month non-stop tour cycle stepping it up with bands such as Exodus, Overkill, Sepultura, Evile, Forbidden, Malevolent Creation and Early Man alongside performances at world-renowned festivals Bloodstock (UK) and Brutal Assault (CZ).
The consistent touring demands played a role in more lineup changes as original vocalist Jose “Aladdin” Barrales left after the first tour of the album and was replaced Mauro Gonzales, and then at the close of the touring cycle bassist Jessie Sanchez joined, each breathing new life into the band as Bonded by Blood became more brutal, more eager and more ready than ever before.
With producer extraordinaire Logan Mader (Five Finger Death Punch, Devildriver, Fear Factory) at the helm of their latest album, The Aftermath, it is clear that the band have evolved and their versatility as musicians is omnipresent. Debuting seven-string guitars and more prominent bass, The Aftermath has a significantly modern and progressive sound that shows clear development from their thrash roots.
The album was set-up by an eight-week tour with Canadian female metallers Kittie bring Bonded By Blood in front of a different audience and winning fans over nightly. Since the band has toured with Death Angel and Threat Signal and will be touring Europe with Vader and Aborted.
Despite several line-up changes it is clear that Bonded by Blood are at their finest. The band has quashed the limitations of the thrash label by introducing elements of their musical diversity, a brave move that few have attempted. Bonded By Blood continue to go from strength to strength.
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