Blunt Force TraumaFusing the precision of metal with the nihilism of punk, Blunt Force Trauma slammed into the Austin, Texas music scene in 1999. Rising from the ashes of punk band Second Chance, singer Bobby Fuentes, guitarist Slaytoven, and bassist Bob Paxton set forth to smash the scene in the tradition of the brutal “crossover” pioneers such as Bad Brains, Slayer, D.R.I., and S.O.D.
After recruiting local veteran metal drummer Ben Burton, (incidentally Burton had once auditioned for Slayer) the line-up was complete and set out on their mission to assault audiences with their five-alarm blaze of fury, thunderous rhythm and lightning riffs. A short time after their formation, Blunt Force Trauma recorded and released their self-titled debut, a ten song, twenty-two minute musical and lyrical tirade on everything from trash-talking peers and exes to the sheer boredom and insanity of mandatory community service.
2001 found the band more seasoned than ever and with a bigger enemy at which to target its vicious blows: The global corporate elite. After stumbling onto various books and talk radio shows about the dissolution of U.S. founding principles, Fuentes went to work and penned the venomous and unapologetically political lyrics that when set to the now intricate and multi-tempo BFT onslaught, would become the anticipated GOOD MORNING AMERICA…Unfortunately, drummer Ben Burton would leave the band before a proper CD release could happen. Unwilling to put GOOD MORNING AMERICA…to rest before it could be heard, Fuentes set out on the difficult task of finding a replacement drummer.
Fast-forward 6 years to the present: After meeting prominent drummer Felix Griffin (formerly of D.R.I.-yet another BFT influence) in downtown Austin at a punk show, Fuentes knew he’d inevitably invite Griffin to occupy the vacant BFT drum throne, and after giving GOOD MORNING AMERICA…a listen, Griffin agreed to join the band.
Now with six years of building tension about to be unleashed and a fistful of new creative fervor, Blunt Force Trauma now seems ready to blast forth with a barrage of blows to audiences in Texas and beyond.
As Austin Chronicle reviewer Greg Beets said of BFT: “who can possibly argue with the concept of putting anger to work for you?”
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