BloodrideThe band was formed by two gentlemen Niko Karppinen and Petteri Lammassaari in one somewhat alcohol-filled evening of 2000 when the guys accidentally met each other at a gig of Tarot in Helsinki and started to warm up an idea of forming their own band. With Niko on guitar and Petteri on drums, and inspired by such Thrash Metal acts as Testament, Slayer, Anthrax and Exodus, this combos musical direction was soon ready to take its very first steps on the soil of old-school thrash Metal; only the remaining musicians for bass, another guitar and vocals needed to be found. Soon, however, the remaining 3 guys were recruited to the line-up of Bloodride; Teemu Vahakangas came to another guitar, Esa Pennala took a 4-stringer and Jyrki Leskinen found himself behind the microphone. After some hard training, the band was ready to thrash out their 1st ever demo. First demo was released in April 2003 and got somewhat good response. In the spring of 2004 Bloodride entered in the studio again with 6 new tracks to record MCD "Bloodridden Disease" which got great response very widely.
After releasing "Bloodridden Disease" band stormed thru several gigs in Finland with acts like Codeon, Maple Cross, Diamanthian etc.
In the spring of 2007 Bloodride entered in the studio again with 6 new tracks, Three of 'em ended to Promo 2007. Some more gigs and new songs composed.
Year 2010 started with 3-track single "Supreme Predator" and some touring.
Bloodride's debut album "Crowned In Hell" came out through Violent Journey Records in spring 2011. Storming around with Axegressor, Barathrum and Exodus (just to name few) these old farts earned some serious hangovers and enthusiastic crowds.
2012 Bloodriders started to put some riffs together and it was time to do some beerdrinking in D-Studio and BlackSheepStudios. After these sessions Niko decided to step back and so came Bloodride's first line-up change.
Axemaster Simo stepped in and your thrashbrigade relased their 2nd album "Bloodmachine" 14th March 2014.
After that again some more gigs for example with Toxic Holocaust, Exhumed and Mokoma, also in Estonia and Germany. Beer, sweat and fun!
Between December 2015 - May 2016 Bloodride did recordings for their third album "Planet Alcatraz" which came out through Inverse Records November 25th.
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