BloodfeastThe history of the band begins at the end of 1997 in a small town deep in Western Styria. Wolf and 3 other musicians founded the band Bloodfeast. They recorded the demo MC "Herr der Herren" as early as the following year. In 1999 they slimmed down to a trio. They recorded the demo "Pain Machine", Bloodfeast became a popular live band, and were sometimes referred to as as "Austria's youngest death metal band". By changing their drummer that title was lost however, but that couldn't keep Bloodfeast from recording the demos "Orgasm Through Torture" and "Dead but Dreaming". Racing through Bloodfeast's history we now have arrived in 2003. Again the drummer has been changed and also the bassist, and to the end of the year they strenghened their "guitar front" again when James Blood joined the band. This line-up, one of the most stable so far, recorded Bloodfeast's debut CD "Autophobia" which was released in 2005 by PH-Music. During the two following years Björn plucked the bass strings, and left just before the recording of their latest album "Mea Culpa" which started in January 2008 at Studio 66 in Gleisdorf. So this time they needed the help of a session bassist to complete the album, which was finally mixed in summer 2008 by Martin Schirenc (Hollenthon, Pungent Stench). After the CD was in the box Bloodfeast parted way with Gatti, their long time drummer, who always provided just the perfect groove for Bloodfeast's music, and found an exceptional successor with Da-Vite, who will roll the drums and drive the rhythm in the years to come. Since summer 2008 they had also found Lutte, the right bassist and so finally Bloodfeast stands proud in the strongest lineup in their long career. The new album "Mea Culpa" will be released on February 25th (Ash Wednesday) by PH-Music and distributed by Rebeat. In the meantime Bloodfeast are already working on new songs for the next CD. With more than 10 years under their belt, including shows at big festivals like Metalcamp, Kaltenbach, Summer Nights, Metalfest,... and having supported bands like Behemoth, Eisregen, Nile, In Extremo,... Bloodfeast are amongst Austrias most established metal bands. They have always been expanding boundaries and exploring new paths, but even now with their current line-up Bloodfeast are growing stronger than ever and will cause quite a stir soon.
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