Bleeding FistIt all began when Etienne and Simon came up with an idea of making aggressive and fast music. Soon some riffs and lyrics have been made (in the end all changed). All was set, the only problem was to find a drummer with the same thinking and willing to work hard. They had a lot of possibile drummers in their mind, but none of them was the right one. After some serious thinking and crushing their brain they remmembered that their comerad Alex was the ideal one for the job, who didn't play drums at that moment, because he stopped playing years ago. But the most important was, that he had the same way of thinking as Simon and Etienne did, which meant more than all the skills in the world.
After a long time looking for the reharsal place we came up with a deal with a band called Skorbut, who agreed to share their place with us. The three members started to put something together but had a lot of problems as Etienne was the only one with experience. After some time they felt a need of having the second guitarist. They had to face the same problem again: to find a person with the same way of thinking and same goals. After some time they found Matej, actually he found them. They couldn't have found a better person, with the same ideas and goals, he brought a lot of new ideas, knowledge and skills in the band.
Soon came time of the first concert, as the supporting band of Heat, the first demo was recorded consisting of five songs. They feel no lack of ideas or goals so this is probably a good begining.
In march 2006 the band records their second demo called In Your Face which contained four grat songs. The quality of the tracks is much better than the tracks from the frist "Suffocated Madness" demo. The second demo also contained a new song "Funeral Smell". A compilation called New Order vol. II was released on 6 June 2006, on which BF presented themselves with the song "Primordial Need".
In April they decided to record their debut album which was soposed to contain songs from both demos and some new ones. Two months before the recording BF realised that the songs from the first two demos don't represent them anymore as the songs were created one year ago. Soon they decided to record a debut album only with new songs. So they've put togehter 7 songs in only two months and started the recording of "Immortal Hate" in August 2006 which is planned to be released in November 2006.
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