Blaze of PerditionBlaze Of Perdition was born in 2007, spawned by XCIII after death of Perdition, which had to be put to rest due to growing differences between its creators. Xaos Oblivion (voc) left the band. Along with remaining Perdition members, XCIII joined forces with Sonneillon and Ashgan and in this lineup, 3 songs for a split with Pseudogod were recorded. The material, due to many problems, was released in 2009 by NCU/Nachtgnosis and Putrid Prophet Prod. During this period of silence, the band was spreading the word through live rituals along with Marduk, Koldbrann, Blacklodge, Horna, Vorkreist, Zemial, Watain, Infernal War, etc.
In 2008 Blaze of Perdition recorded debut album Towards The Blaze Of Perdition and again, after many delays it was finally unleashed in the beginning of 2010, once again by Putrid Prophet Prod.
A little later the band recorded the 7 "EP entitled The Burning Will Of Expansion and released it via well known Polish label Pagan Records. In the meantime, N.K. left the band and Vizun, known from many bands such as Abusiveness, Deivos, Moon (POL), etc. took up his drumming duties.
Second opus entitled The Hierophant was recorded at the turn of 2010 & 2011, mixed and mastered at infamous Necromorbus Studio (by Tore Stjerna) and released in October 2011 (Pagan Records).
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