Black FaithFebruary 2004 - Black Faith bursts into life. First line up was: Snarl V.R.J., Vocals/Guitars, Fabio Notarfranco (Guitar), Tiphereth (Bass), Tamoth (Drums). In late 2004 they begin to write down proper songs.
2005 - Live debut. This gig's line up: Snarl V.R.J. (Vocals/Guitars), Tiphereth (Bass), Tamoth (Drums). After this gig Melqart (Later known as Malebolgia) enter at guitar, LucasDemon enters at drums.
2006 - First demo "Proclaim my victory" is out.
2007 - After some gigs, only Snarl and LucasDemon remain. Black Faith uses this period to compose a lot.
2008 - Kjiel enters in the Line up as 2nd Guitar player and Melan Nefos Thanatos join the bass player role. Black Faith hits back the stage.
2009 - Line up: Snarl (Vocals, Guitars, Bass), Kjiel (Guitar), Hyakrisht (Drums): with this line up Black Faith records in August a cover version of the classic Darkthrone's "Under a Funeral Moon" song for the "Italian Tribute to Darkthrone", that will be out via Novecento Produzioni. Kjiel goes abroad and is replaced by Funestum.
2010 - A 6-tracks Promo Cd (5 Brand new songs + 2 "Full length only" songs + 1 Darkthrone's cover version of "Under a Funeral moon" only for the promo) is recorded,mixed and mastered in the Hybrid Recording Studios (Lanciano (CH)), with Simone di Cicco. Line up: Snarl (Vocals, Guitars, Bass), Funestum (Guitar), Hyakrisht (Drums).After a couple of gigs,Acheron joins the band (Bass,Backing Vocals).
2011 - In may Black Faith enter into their own rehearsal room and records 3 brand new songs for a Split cd.. This release stands as a tribute to the 80's metal, showing a Black Metal style with lots of Rock, Thrash and Heavy Metal influences.After this Funestum is out of the band and gets replaced by Vinterblot.
2012 – After some gigs Black Faith enters in the Underroom Studios to record the first full length, called “Jubilate Diabolo” plus 1 more song for a split release with Silberbach.
2013 – Black Faith deals with Mother Death Productions and this cursed ensemble releases “Jubilate Diabolo” in Digipack CD in April 6th, 2013. In April 22nd, 2013, SBRT Releases “The Last Prayer”, Split tape with Black Faith, Khephra and Acheronte.
2014 – On January the 1st, Knochensack Versand releases a Black Faith/Silberbach Split 10” EP limited to 300 copies, and on February the 2nd, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Black Faith, a Cover Version of “La Preda”, originally written by Litfiba, is recorded at the Underroom Studios and is be available for free listening on the official Black Faith Youtube and Bandcamp channel exclusively.
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