Black DiamondIgor and Nejc started Black Diamond in late 2005. Bands like Iron Maiden, Guns 'n Roses, Metallica and such, inspired them to take their lives on the same path as their heroes. They have immediately started making music very seriously and that set the musical requirements for other potential members quite high for local environment. At that time it became clear, that the music they were making was meant for the international audiences. Unfortunately, they found it impossible to complete the band, so they've decided to start recording the demos and make the most out of time. They have recorded demos for 10 songs only, eventhough they've made raw versions for more than 40 songs, which remain left for the future. They started recording those 10 songs with hired musicians such as Žanil Tataj - Žak on vocals, Robert Kovačič on drums, Simon Jovanovič on vocals and many others. They took all the time they needed for the recording, so every song would meet its highest potential. During this long process they've managed to get a few members into the band, but those members couldn't cope with the professional practising approach and left the band.
In 2012, after the demos were recorded, they went to the studio to record an album. Recording took place in Studio Evolucija in Ljubljana, with producer and sound engineer Simon Jovanovič. About eight months later, when everything was recorded and mixed, they took the songs to the famous finnish mastering engineer Mika Jussila, who has made the mastering. When the album was finished, everything they needed was a proper artwork for it and it was done by hungarian artist Péter Sallai. The album was released on 7th of march, 2013. Shortly after the release of the album, Žanil Tataj - Žak, who sang the majority of the songs on the album, joined the band as a full time member. Around the same time the line up was completed with Urban Medič on bass guitar and Klemen Markelj on drums.
In the following months they were rehersing for the concerts, that started in may of 2013. The concerts so far were, apart from releasing an album, definitely high points of bands career. The audiences seemed to really like the band, which is getting, apart from the die hard metalheads, more and more fans even from the circles of people who are not really fans of the heavy metal genre. The feedback on the album was amazing from critics and media from Slovenia and especially from abroad. Even without that feedback, this band would aim for the international stages. So far they've proved that they are doing it with whole of their hearts and even when the things seemed to stand still and everything looked black, they didn't gave up their dreams, as many others do. That makes them different especially in their own environment, but also wider. They hope to get fans from all over the world awared of the band, so they would be able to start playing outside of Slovenia as soon and as much as possible. That would help them to fulfill their dreams and establish the band as an international act.
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