Before The MurderBefore The Murder are a melodic hardcore/ metal band from Pomurje, Slovenia. After some line-up changes, the band was finally complete in 2010 and immediately ready to start writing music and touring. Tired of only listening to music without passion, the five members Gregor Vrhunc (vocals), Andreas Adanič (guitar), Sven Martinjak (guitar), Jure Lindič (bass/backvocals) and Marcel Kukovec (drums) wanted to create something new, therefore they decided shortly after their foundation to release their first EP Ruins (2010) featuring three tracks, namely Withered, Ruins and Vow Of The Heartless. Shortly after their EP release, they shot a music video for the song Ruins, which received over 20.000 views on Youtube. In 2011, they recorded their single Siddhartha with the same producer as before, Albert-Mario Lampel from Massacre Studio in Obergnas/ Austria. In 2012, they recorded their debut album with Albert Lampel again, which will be released soon. The band’s main influences are US, UK and Australian hardcore bands, like The Ghost Inside, Defeater, Architects and Parkway Drive.
Since their beginnings, they have played in many different European countries, namely all over Slovenia (e.g. Ljubljana, Koper, Celje, Maribor,…), Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Croatia and Italy with well-known bands, like Laibach, Here Comes The Kraken, War From A Harlots Mouth, Helia, Ready,Set,Fall!, Trigger The Bloodshed, Breakdown Of Sanity and many more.
In 2012 they recorded their debut album which they will release on 26th of April 2013.
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