BaptismBaptism was formed in 1998 A.S. by Lord Sargofagian (6-string blasphemy, worship) and Demonium on drums. The first demo "Satanic Rituals" was recorded in summer 1998 A.S. of which only a few copies were spread. Later that year the band was laid on ice as the members where doing their other projects. Nearly two years later the band started to work on their second demo "Sons of Ruin & Terror", and it was released by Warmoon Records in a limited edition of 111 copies. "Sons of Ruin & Terror" got attention from some people that gave kick to develope things further, and later it led to a deal with Northern Heritage. Slaughterer joined the band to play bass in the fall of year 2001 A.S. replacing Kadotus Molestor whose status in the band was very session-based. Debut cd "The Beherial Midnight" was recorded and mixed in February of 2002 A.S., at Boneyard Studio in Lappeenranta. It was released on 12th June 2002 A.S. in 1000 copies. Variety continued on the next mCD/LP "Wisdom And Hate", which was released by NH: primitive Black Metal at its most epic form. Slaughterer & Demonium are no longer in the band, cause of several things. Hail brothers! From the very beginning the music was linked with true Eliterian Black Metal spirit, and still is! Nowadays Baptism is Kommander Lord Sargofagian.
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