A Wilhelm ScreamHow does one gauge the success of a band pushing the envelope of a genre that receives little to no credit by the mainstream media? In the case of ..A Wilhelm Scream.., the answer is “Who cares?” – As a band playing punk rock for over a decade, original members Trevor Reilly, Nuno Pereira and Nick Angelini haven’t focused on success, image or whatever bandwagon a group can jump on to get their music into the ears of listeners: It’s the ideal of music from an honest place, playing to the kids who want to hear more than a simple love song, or want an opinion rammed down their throats. .... Within this ongoing endeavor, AWS has recruited the talents of Brian Robinson (bass) and Mike Supina (guitar); Two Great-Lakers who have strived to help develop the band into the most musically-diverse lineup they’ve had to date, touring all over the World in over 20 countries from Russia to Tasmania in support of their 2007 release ..Career Suicide.. (NitroRecords). .... After spending a few months at home developing a follow-up self-titled EP, A Wilhelm Scream is back on the road to deliver punk rock that promises to cater to the kids who are fed up with “everything else”.
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