Awake The AgonyAwake The Agony is a Metal band born in December 2009 in Trieste: powerful sonorities mixed with melodic riffs, based on tricky tempos and rhythmical games. GianPaolo at the first guitar, Stefano at the drums and Andrea at the bass are the founders of the band. Matteo at the vocals and Luca (Lee) from Imola (Bologna) at the second guitar came afterwards and completed the line-up: the band found the musical understanding it needed to reach the desired sound. They finished their EP Dual Reality in the summer of 2010: six intense tracks recorded at the Ground Zero Recording Studio, belonging to the guitarist Luca itself, in Imola (Bologna) and then mixed and mastered at the Sick Boy Recording Studio of Marco Mantovani (Hopes Die Last) in Ladispoli (Rome). Their soon to be published first EP and the full-length they're now writing make Awake The Agony one of the most particular and promising italian band. Their aim is to grow and mature in order to create an innovative and futuristic sound able to give new stimuli and horizons to the scene.
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