Atlas Losing GripWhile it might technically be a four-letter word, it is no longer a four-letter word in the get-your-mouth-washed-out-with-soap category. And Atlas Losing Grip aren’t anything else but punk. No unnecessary screaming; no white belts and bad haircuts; no awkward mosh parts; this Swedish quintet are simply straightforward, faster-than-the-world punk rock, tailor-made to shred bowls or start circle pits to. And trust us, you’ll want to be doing both after a few spins of their new Ep, Watching the horizon.
Originally formed in early 2005, the first two years a bunch of members were replaced, removed and remembered before the band finally found a lineup that felt solid. Influenced by bands such as Satanic Surfers, Propagandhi, Millencolin,… they’ve recorded their first album in October 2007, produced by Mattias Persson – sound engineer of Satanic Surfers & Venerea and guitarist in Swedish legendary Hardcore/Crust band Kontrovers. The album has been released in 2008 all over Europe trough NoReason Records, Shield Recordings and Dv’s Records, while in Japan through Bells on Records. The release has been supported by an intense tour all around Europe in 2008/2009.
Recently, Rodrigo Alfaro, leader from the legendary Swedish band SATANIC SURFERS has become the lead singer of the band, replacing Stefan Bratt who now just play the bass. The new entry has influenced a lot the new way of writing music of the band. One listen to Watching the horizon affirms that statement. A much more diverse offering than Shut the World out, due to the more melodic voice from Rodrigo and his range of influences, Watching the horizon has songs that are faster than ever, slower than ever, more pissed, and more happy. As for the experience reached from the drummer Julian, constantly on tour with the most popular Swedish hardcore band Sista Sekunden, giving a touch of power and speed to Rodrigo’s melodies.
Alongside their NoReason Records label-mates This is a standoff, Rentokill and Antillectual, Atlas Losing Grip are doing everything they can to bring back substance over style to the underground. Watching the horizon signals a milestone for the band, but also a new beginning. The album sounds poignant, impassioned and frankly, important. Punk rock needs songs like the ones Atlas Losing Grip are writing: energetic and in your face while still being meaningful and personal. With Watching the horizon, Atlas Losing Grip haven’t merely made a record — they’ve made a statement.
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