Ater Era Ater Era is a Slovene extreme metal band characterized by a primal black metal sound and an unusual tendency towards psychedelic and ambient interferences.
The band was born as a solo project in June of 2006 and created to further evolve the darkness invoked by its defunct forerunner: the black metal act Torka (2001-2005).
Initiator was S.S. band vocalists, guitarist and songwriter.
The following two year of songwriting ended up in recording sessions, in summer 2008. In autumn's solitary decline is Ater Era’s debut album entirely performed and recorded by S.S. himself.
In early spring of 2009 A.S., Human Host Body's drummer joined Ater Era as a full member.
In December 2009 Ater Era performed their first live appearance in Koper. In the beginning of 2010 the departure of D.K »Tenebra« caused a temporary hiatus. In the meanwhile the band (just as a duo at the time) started composing and recording the second album.
In November 2010 the line up was finally completed by the new bass player I.J., who is also playing guitar in a black metal band called Krvnik.
In September 2011 “In autumn’s solitary decline” was finally released through Mater Tenebrarum Records.
In May 2013, "Beneath inanimate grime", the second full length album, has been released through German label Pestilence records.
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