AstpaiBlasting out of a dirty basement's rehearsal room there comes the straight forward punkrock sound of austria's very own Astpai. Think of Paint It Black meets Some Kid Called Dynamite and tries to kiss None More Black's nose at the same time. They are even drawing some influences from bands such like Aus-rotten and Choking Victim/Leftovercrack. Even though they never lack a sense in melody and sing-a-longs, this heavy rocking hardcore/punk sound comes along with strong political views and offers some new ideas without just presenting shallow paroles and drained statements. This young band managed to release 2 full length releases in the past and is now holding their strongest release to date in hands called "Feeling Safe In Programmed Channels", released by one of the very few Austrian punkrock/hardcore labels Rise Or Rust Records. Astpai is on their way and you are very welcome to join in.
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