Ashine The band was founded in 2013. Not sure what kind of music they should go on, they started with the most obvious; Metallica. After a few months they wrote their first few songs which would never see the light of day. Because of tensions in the band and lack of motivation, they disbanded for a short period of time in mid 2014.
Ashine decided to continue their path and returned to the basement in late 2014 with a new drummer; Danch.
They abandoned a bit of their old thrashy style and turned to a more melodic side of metal and the writing process began. In January 2015 Ashine started recording songs for their debut self-titled EP which would be released in the summer of the same year. The EP consists of four songs that are a mix of melodic death, thrash and metalcore.
In 2018 their drummer Danch left the band due to personal reasons and was replaced by Timo Kosi.
The band released their debut studio album Force of Nature in 2020 and is currently doing live shows.
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