As Blood Runs BlackWithin the glitter and glamour that makes up much of Los Angeles, an underground scene has taken on a life of its own and became an immediate counter reaction to its immediate surroundings. This is where As Blood Runs Black arose from to represent Southern California death metal.
As Blood Runs Black began in Summer 2005, when a group of youths started a band to write the most extreme music they could create. They settled on the band name As Blood Runs Black, because according to vocalist Chris Blair, “Everyone is created equal. All people bleed the same.”
Coming from various areas across Los Angeles, the band finally began playing local shows with the line up of Chris, guitarists Ernie Flores and Sal Roldan and bassist Nick Stewart.
Allegiance was recorded and produced by Zack Ohren (All Shall Perish, Animosity) in Oakland, CA. With the watchful eye of Ohren, As Blood Runs Black has captured the intensity of its live sound, without losing any of the technical aspects.
Taking the aggression and the technical aspects of death metal, the bottom heaviness of roots hardcore and metalcore, and adding in their love of the craziness of At The Gates-style death metal, As Blood Runs Black began planting the seeds of creating a new generation of underground metal.
“Influences come from a riff or a beat, and whether we could relate to it,” said Sal. “There is no set way we work. It’s a feeling that we work around.”
It was one of the band’s early shows where the band found itself and what made things work. “It was at Smart City Grind (in Azusa, CA) with A Dying Dream,” said Chris, about the show. “The show was awesome. Everything just clicked. The kids were reacting and really into it. It was nuts,” added Nick.
Live is where As Blood Runs Black has proven itself. They have already taken part on such tours as the Summer Slaughter Tour 2006 with Decapitated, the BrutaliTour with Animosity and Beneath the Massacre, and tours with Through The Eyes Of The Dead and Walls of Jericho. Their workhorse mentality has shined through when talking about the band’s hard work ethics. Plus they have attracted fans through their non stop touring, and especially playing on some of the tours they have participated on.
“The Brutalitour show in Wisconsin was one of the most intense shows we played!,” said Nick. “There were kids pitting everywhere. Kids were jumping off the speakers. It was out of control!”
Despite touring non stop, the band has appreciated the support from long time fans. They have taken the time to show their appreciation for the support on every tour stop. The band also is in contact with fans through their Myspace page, which they operate themselves.
They are currently working on songs for the new album. Rough versions of songs are posted at Roldan says about the new material, “We’re not sure which way the musical direction may go. But so far, the music flows a lot better. Some of it is more melodic. There’s songs for the hardcore kids, and songs for the death metal kids. It’s everything we know and can play.”
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