ArtasBorn from dust and shadows…
It was in the year 2006, when five musicians made a pact, driven by the unquenchable desire to create, to form and control music. Thus begins the story of the aspiring Austrian band ARTAS, formerly known under the name of STAUB & SCHATTEN.
Before ARTAS, all of the band members played in different bands and expressed themselves through a wide range of genres and styles. This background heavily influenced ARTAS' development as is evident in their versatile style of songwriting.
For a long time, the five warriors led a secluded existence that helped espouse a never-ending stream of heartfelt songs. This stream turned into a flood that would soon carry away everything and everyone in its path.
2005 was a turning point in the band's career. Sid and Obi joined the band and ARTAS (still known as Staub & Schatten) concentrated on writing new tracks. David left the band due to personal reasons and Radek completed the line-up as the band's new bassist. His skillful playing elevated the band to a whole new level. The chemistry was right, as all members were on the same page.
It was one of the last days of winter as the transformation to Staub & Schatten was complete and the band set out on a journey to unknown regions and to face adventures and trials: “Two months ago...Two long months ago and still I can hear my laughter as we decided to join the competition. And now? I am standing on the Tolmin fields…the grand finale. Three hundred pairs of eyes stare in our direction. I am looking at my comrades und feel the battle lust raging in my veins, but there's something else. I hear chanting…it's growing louder…fire blasts and an indescribable power run through my body. So be it…let the dance begin!”
With an energized live show the band was able to take the fans' hearts by storm and claim the crown of victory at the Metalchamp 2007 competition, which secured them a record deal with Napalm Records. Staub & Schatten changed their name to ARTAS and began the three-month long recording process of their debut album “The Healing” in their very own studio.
With “The Healing”, the Austrian underground unleashes yet another raw and angry attack into the world of metal. ARTAS takes no prisoners on their debut album and shows off an even more refined style, than many of the scene's better established bands. "The Healing" is nothing less than a triumphant roller coaster ride that allows the band to present its accomplished and varied style. ARTAS combines brutal double bass attacks, chilling melodies, and destructive neckbreakers to spawn a Modern Metal bastard, which the world has yet to experience. The disparate vocal styles range from screams and clean passages to deep growls that work together perfectly to set the scene for the English, German, and Spanish lyrics. Producer Jacob Hansen's (Heaven Shall Burn) mix flawlessly captured the band's impressive, thunderous sound and Dennis Sibejin's (Job for a Cowboy, Chimaira) artwork provided the finishing touches. "The Healing" is a very impressive beginning by a young band facing a very bright future indeed.
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